Possession ≠ Access


Security Through Homomorphic Obfuscation


Regulatory Compliance & Reputational Solutions, LLC (RCRS) is a truly unique risk management service and cybersecurity/regulatory compliance software company. Driven by its financial services/other industry-informed, practical approach expressly designed- without unnecessarily burdening staff, operations, etc.- to help clients grow their business via their enhanced reputation, its Transparent Encryption Services (TES) is an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) service “anchored” by technology.

In short, because it works off the premise of Possession (Via Either Physical or Electronic Theft) ≠ Access. TES will ensure a new anti-hacking discipline is applied top-down on an enterprise-wide basis to a client’s internal controls as to data protection (at rest & in motion).

The added benefit of using TES’ logical and reasonable risk-based approach to cybersecurity which will prevent successful data breaches, cyber thefts and other related incidents just might be, in addition to pro-actively meeting their duty to be good corporate citizens, enabling a financial or other firm to market its increased reputation for data protection, as well as for it and its supply chain NOT becoming a vector for hackers into such external constituencies to:

  • Generate future revenue & profits, as well as lower the premium/size of cyber insurance policies.
  • Minimize possible personal civil liability to Boards due to increased corporate governance & better manage potential future regulatory/criminal risk exposure.
  • Otherwise significantly increasing an RCRS client’s market competitiveness.